Thanks so much Yasmim, I will definitely do an article on animation with page scroll soon :D

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In the second part in this series we will be looking at making the bouncing look more realistic. We are going to be doing this by doing two different things. If you want to see the initial setup code check out my first blog:

We ended up with a bouncy…

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After taking a bit of a break from self-learning programming (I had started my first software engineering job and was learning a lot), I decided it was time to take learning new skills into my own hands. The idea is that every two months I focus on learning something new…

On Thursday, 4th of June, I started out on a mission to learn typescript. I spent a morning reading an amazing Typescript resource and then the afternoon and evening building programs.

What is Typescript?

Typescript is a superset of Javascript, which means Typescript is an extension of Javascript. Typescript allows the dynamically typed…

Create more concise forms

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Over the past week, I have been completing some courses by Mosh Hamedani to really solidify the skills I learned from my time at Flatiron School. Although Mosh does not have any Ruby course, I have been significantly improving my JavaScript and React skills. The course I am currently taking…

For my final project at FlatIron, I decided to do an Instagram clone but for pets called Petatude. A big part of doing an Instagram clone is being able to handle images. With rails, I came across two different approaches. The first one was using rails active storage and the…

Mod 2 of flatiron school has been interesting. Our focus for the mod has been Rails.

What is Rails?

Rails is a framework built for ruby. It uses three main principles, MVC, convention over configuration and DRY(don’t repeat yourself). The aim of rails is to allow developers to build web…

What is robotics?

Robotics is the art of combining engineering & computer science; but also other disciplines in order to design, construct and use machines to complete tasks.
Robotics can be as simple as putting a motor on something like a toothbrush, to a dog.

How does robotics work?

Robots == computers, but why:

The first video I wanted to review, was a short and sweet summary of what react is.

What is react? by Mosh

I chose this video because I enjoy Mosh’s content and find them very insightful and definitely suggest watching some of them.

The video was about 4 minutes and…

Get started building responsive websites and apps right here

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For my final project at Flatiron School, I really wanted to delve into responsive web design by styling my portfolio. So firstly, I needed to learn the basics behind responsive design: CSS units, flex boxes, and media queries.

CSS Units

The viewport refers to what the viewer is seeing.

There are three…

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