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  • Müller Fourie

    Müller Fourie

  • Cedric Franz

    Cedric Franz

    Software Architect | Blockchain Developer and lover of coffee!

  • Jonathan Wong

    Jonathan Wong

    Flatiron School Alumni & Software Engineer https://jonathanwong110.github.io/JonathanWongPortfolio/

  • Flatiron School

    Flatiron School

    Learn to Love Code. www.flatironschool.com

  • Skye Geraghty

    Skye Geraghty

  • Ali Gohar

    Ali Gohar

    Humanist, Entrepreneur and Certified Social Media Expert

  • Bryn Heath

    Bryn Heath

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

    Software Engineer + Entrepreneur

  • Rikesh Balakrishnan

    Rikesh Balakrishnan

    Accessibility, Web and Voice Development. Flatiron School Software Engineering Graduate, May 2020. Voice Developer at Rabbit & Pork.

  • Lee Bardon

    Lee Bardon

    Computational scientist and programming enthusiast

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